Logistic Events Corp is a Miami, FL based company specializing in temporary building and structure solutions for events and other occurrences. Our reputation for supplying stellar solutions make us stand out within our industry.

We have the capacity to service all areas across the United states and can even offer structures in other countries in some cases. No matter where in the world you’re hosting your event, we can be part of your journey. Get in touch to learn what we can do for your next event.

Our large choice of materials and modular components ensures that you’ll have full control of your project outcome when working with us for your event. When combining our extensive range of materials and components with our design capabilities, our service becomes fully adaptable for all your needs.

We’ve worked on a wide variety of events of all sizes for many different industries, priding ourselves in creating structures that are custom-made for each event we handle. We’re highly adaptable in serving both clients with a small event spaces, looking to maximize every inch available, or clients with vast open fields of space, looking to install multiple buildings for large commercial events.

Your event is unique

Dynamic Building Creation

Our services span across all areas of modular building creation, as we aim to provide for all your needs from conception to final use. Other structural necessities for events are also handled by us, such as structure removal and maintenance.

In-House Production

In-house production of all our designs allows us to produce components for all our structures. During installation of event structures, our qualified team of installation professionals work to assemble structures with precision, producing a final outcome that matches all concepts and design visuals with absolute precision.

Adaptable to any need

Our planning can adapt to any need, whether it be spacing considerations to provide for the inclusion of elements that aren’t supplied by us or coming up with specialized solutions to get the most functional use out of an event space.


Superior Customer Experience

When approached with an event project well in advance, we’re able to offer a highly superior customer experience, as we’re able to take every aspect of the event into account when designing structures. Clients can approach us with new challenges and requirements as every detail of the event planning unfolds.



Many other event companies capable of offering a wide variety of services, but few can compete with us on pricing. Contact Logistic Events Corp today to learn more about our service offerings and temporary event structures.

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