Temporary & Permanent
April 12, 2019
Clear Span Structures
April 12, 2019


Our custom design structures are what define the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. At Logistic Events Corp, our team of highly talented, experienced designers assist in modifying structures to suit your unique circumstances. Challenging conditions such as limited space and bad weather conditions can be effortlessly overcome with the necessary planning and our superior expertise. Custom structures can range from simple adjustments to our standard tents, to unique designs with more complex shapes. Your vision is what inspires us to create temporary event structures that seamlessly fit the culture of your event while also accounting for practical use and vital structural features. It all starts with your imagination!

Conceptualization and Design

scope of the project in terms of scale, requirements and any challenges regarding the specific conditions. Practical factors that will affect the final outcome of the design and common points of discussion include:

  • For what duration of time will the structure stand?
  • What weather conditions will the structure be exposed to?
  • How large is the space available for installation?
  • What kind of terrain will the structure stand on?
  • Stages, pedestals and elevated entertainment areas
  • Does the event require additional facilities, such as power generators, climate control or restrooms?

Some customers will come to us with a reasonably precise idea of what they want the final product to look like. Other clients will ask us to suggest plans based on their needs. Regardless of how much detail the client can provide in terms of the aesthetics of their design, we’re able to create a design that matches our client’s vision.

Once completed, our designs can be modified to further satisfy our customer’s desired outcome. Existing elements can be moved and new ones can be added along the way as our client identifies additional event requirements. Planning an event is a process – Logistic Event Corp is here to make the process of event planning as fluid and adaptable as possible.

The design process is completed once clients approve the final design. Once this happens, we proceed to the manufacturing process.


Our dedicated fabrication team is responsible for manufacturing all the components necessary to complete a structure. High quality materials are used during the production process. Diligent quality control standards are adhered to, assuring that the final product is world-class in its stature.The use CNC machining facilitates prompt production of components and precise outcomes. Our manufacturing team is also responsible for sewing all vinyl, fabric and clear span materials – as well as welding components and adding all branding elements to designs.

Design and Structure Capabilities

By combining our skillful design staff with our advanced production capabilities, we’re able to create breathtaking temporary event structures that fulfill the exact needs of our clients.

Many of our clients require structures that are part of the fundamental necessities for hosting their events such as clear spans, double decker structures, stages and covered shading areas. However, we’re also able to create fabric architecture designs for decorative purposes such as textile facades.