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April 15, 2019
Fabric Architecture
April 15, 2019


A successful event needs more than just a building. At Logistic Events Corp, we don’t only offer modular structures, we also offer rental of additional equipment necessary to host your event.

We offer a range of climate control equipment to manage the temperature inside buildings. Whether you need cooling or heating, we can help you get the perfect equipment for every purpose. We supply heaters and air-conditioning equipment that’s made to fit in with the rest of your building and that will run quietly enough to not disturb the event. Our power generation equipment ensures that you can have an amazing event anywhere, even if it’s somewhere remote. Even large-scale events that require large amounts of power to run can be arranged through us.

To cater to all needs, we also offer immaculate, well-equipped restroom facilities. Our restroom facilities range from less formal options for informal settings, to luxury options that can accommodate weddings, corporate events and more. Just like our modular buildings, all our climate control, power generation and restroom facilities are easy to transport and set up.

When event organizers need to arrange accommodation for multiple attendees, Logistic Events Corp also offers fully functional hospitality solutions. We can arrange everything from restroom facilities to kitchen spaces and more.

This flexibility in arranging an event space allows for an impressive range of event opportunities for our clients, whether it’s a wedding in a remote area, or a corporate event on an open piece of land in the city. Our advanced facilities also enable us to provide necessary crises management in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Contact our team to find out more about how we can help you host a spectacular event at any venue of your choice.