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Create the perfect ballroom for your prom, gala or other special event. With our full design capabilities, you won’t need to worry about finding the perfect hall, you can create it! Choose from various design options to create a sophisticated, formal atmosphere for your event.

Our team of engineers and designers will get to work to make your event concept a reality. We are open to of requests, as we have full capabilities to design and manufacture materials at our location. Using a temporary structure can make your event so much more memorable and truly unique in every aspect, as every detail of your event can be adjusted according to your requirements.

The final product will speak for itself. You’ll see every detail of your special event fall into place exactly the way you envisioned it. From textures and flooring choices, to functional floor plans, your special event will be perfect when hosted in a unique space.


Natural disasters create a devastating environment of tragedy and loss. Thousands of people are often left homeless after a natural disaster. Without immediate assistance, these people are left in a hazardous wasteland with nowhere to go, no medical assistance and no amenities to cater to their basic needs. Work on disaster relief and clean up needs to ensue as soon as possible to minimize the loss.

With the great loss and tragedy, comes great need for provision in basic areas. We provide necessary structures to shelter victims. Providing victims with a space to stay warm, dry and cared for is an important aspect of our disaster relief structures.

In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster or tragedy, Logistic Events Corp aims to assist by offering peace of mind and necessary facilities to disaster victims. We offer rapid deployment of disaster relief tents, as well as temperature control and power generation facilities. By doing this, we’re able to provide necessary shelters for victims and temporary structures to serve as clinics, kitchens, warehouses and other necessary buildings.

& Entertainment

Sports and entertainment events can see a huge boom of people into a host town or city. We offer solutions to provide for all hospitality and entertainment needs within a large event. The experience of fans, athletes and performers will be integral in every stage of planning.

Acoustic performance stages can be built to ensure sound travels deep into the furthest parts of a large audience and can accommodate everything from a single performing artist to an orchestra or band. We’re able to design and create any custom staging layout required, such as a staircase for a choir to stand on or elevated stage areas for individual performers.

For sporting events, we offer a full range of hospitality services to host visiting athletes from collegiate sports teams. We can build advanced structures able to house large amounts of persons for the duration of your event. Other tent structures and structural event necessities will also be built according to your exact requirements.

Whether your sport or entertainment event is local to your town, or international in scale, we’ll create a space that enhances the experience of your event. Contact us to learn more.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are all about highlighting brands, products and companies. At Logistic Events Corp, we realize this. We will design your event buildings in a way that will accentuate everything you want attendees to experience. We offer full-service event structures for a variety of corporate events.

We can accommodate any kind of trade show on any topic. Special structures like ramps, stands and stages can all be provided if necessary. Examples of shows we’re able to provide for include car shows, consumer events, B2B shows and gaming conferences.

Corporate gatherings such as seminars and conferences can also be hosted using buildings and structures provided by us. For very large seminars and conferences, our services can ensure that there is adequate space to host thousands of people at the event, while small events can be held in a custom structure no bigger than what’s necessary. Corporate retreats, employee team building days, product launches and all other events can also be arranged with us. By taking into consideration your business goals for the event, we’ll provide an event space that helps you reach your targets.


Your special day should be exactly the way you want it to be. Why should you settle for a venue that’s anything less than absolutely perfect? Our structures can accommodate any number of guests and any wedding theme. Designs can also be adapted for more guests should your guest list grow during the planning stage. By making use of our temporary structures, your wedding can be equally amazing in a backyard as in botanical garden or larger area. It all depends on how many guests you’re expecting and your own personal preferences.

With a custom designed special tent, your wedding can be either indoors or out. Separate tent structures can be installed for the chapel and reception areas. Even if you’re planning an outside ceremony, you can’t go wrong with a small chapel to serve as an alternative ceremony venue in case you get married on a rainy day!

We realize the importance of having a picture-perfect place to take photos of your special day, which is why we’ll work with you to design a structure that will look good on all your wedding photos.

Functional & appealing MODULAR BUILDINGS