Event Accesories
April 15, 2019
November 30, 2020


Our custom designed fabric structures are made to impress. With nearly endless design possibilities in colors and textures of your choice, we can provide you with extraordinary feats of modernism and novelty. Fabric architecture can create a unique and innovative atmosphere for any event. It’s ideal for corporate events where companies are looking to stand out, but can also be successfully used for sporting and entertainment gatherings.

Fabric structures can be utilized in a variety of ways to create almost any desired outcome. For tents and covered stages, clients can choose between design options such as arch, frame, point or mast supported structures. Fabric structure shapes can range anywhere from traditional shapes to domes, conic forms, hypar forms, pneumatic forms or abstract shapes combining different design types.

Fabric structures can also be used as temporary or permanent structures to provide parking shade, awnings and canopies. These shade structures are highly useful and shouldn’t be forgotten in the planning of your event.

One of the most striking forms of fabric architecture, however, remains textile facades. Textile facades can be used on permanent or modular buildings for decorative purposes. Designs can be highly unique and can showcase your creativity and vision. Textile facades can be combined with other fabric architecture to create structures that are completely unique to your event.

Contact Logistic Events Corp to learn more about our fabric architecture capabilities and how we can help you create an awe-inspiring event with distinctive designs. Creating your vision of innovation is our privilege and passion! Let’s work together to make it possible.