April 15, 2019
Pool Covers
April 15, 2019


Logistic Events Corp specializes in flooring solutions for every kind gathering. From sporting events to automotive events and elegant galas, our flooring inventory can provide the solution you’re looking for. Contact us with any questions and requests for your event.

We recognize the importance of flooring in for creating the right atmosphere at your event. While flooring isn’t the first thing people will think of when planning an occasion, it’s certainly an important element for creating an event space that resonates with your chosen theme and atmosphere.

Elevated Floor Scaffolding

Elevated flooring has a wide range of applications. Scaffolding enables us to provide staging solutions and double decker buildings. The versatility of our scaffolding solutions helps us to adjust stage and flooring areas to the required height.

We value the safety of both our staff and your event attendees, which is why our team practice rigorous safety guidelines to ensure all scaffolding is safe. While scaffolding is often used for elevated flooring, scaffolding can also be used in other areas of your building design.

Uneven Terrain Flooring

Our temporary event structures are specifically engineered so the interiors to mimic the look and feel of a permanent building. Even when faced with challenges like uneven terrain, we can provide flooring solutions that will be even throughout the interior of a building.

Our engineered flooring can be used on any surface terrain, such as grass, concrete, tarmac, rock or sand and will offer a flawless finish every time. Another added benefit of engineered flooring is the ability to help clients maximize their available space, as it can even be installed over a small pond or large pool, on a hillside or over a ditch.

Modular Flooring

Modular floors consist of multiple flooring tiles that fit together like a puzzle. This makes modular flooring a good option for all temporary event structures. Our plastic modular flooring can be used both inside and outside as a quick way to create walkways and turf protection at your event.

Designed with convenience in mind, plastic modular flooring is suitable for use in high traffic areas and is durable enough to withstand heavier weight loads such as light vehicles with pneumatic tires or event furniture. The use of modular flooring outside on grassed areas offers protection against wear from tread. This not only preserves the grass, but prevents high traffic areas from becoming overly dusty or muddy. Plastic flooring can also be used for display areas, sport area coverings, patios and more.

We also have an inventory of modular flooring consisting of other materials, such as modular carpeting, laminate flooring and plastic modular tiling. A range of color and design options allows customers to choose flooring that will suit other decorative elements of their event.

Out modular flooring is both affordable and extremely versatile and can be used for the following purposes:

  • Dance floors
  • Slip-resistant floors
  • Safe, fall-proof, soft flooring for children
  • Sporting events
  • Automotive events
  • Carpeted flooring for temporary offices
  • Pet friendly flooring
  • Whatever the flooring requirements of your next event, our modular flooring can provide a beautiful result that can display your creativity and showcase your unique vision.