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April 12, 2019
April 15, 2019


Electricity is a fundamental for almost any event. At Logistic Events Corp, we supply generators for both events and other purposes. Our generators can be hired on a temporary to semi-permanent basis. We offer different generators based on your requirements such as self-contained, portable and industrial generators.

Power Supply Solutions

We have a large selection of generators available in various sizes, meaning you can hire a generator based on your individual power supply needs. Small parties don’t require the same amount of electricity as large corporate events. Some events require only one generator, while others require multiple. By assessing what electrical equipment you will need to run your event, our team can suggest a power generation solution suited to your specific needs.

When planning events, the use of our portable generators helps to expand your venue options, as even the most remote area can be transformed into a stunning event venue complete with power supply to support your music, lights and climate control requirements.

Our self-contained generators are ideal for events, as they minimize noise pollution. Units can be placed outside of temporary structures and can be integrated into the design to seamlessly blend with other elements of your building architecture.

Combined with our temporary event structure services, our generator hire completes the fundamental requirements of your event building necessities. However, we don’t supply all electrical equipment. Clients are responsible for sourcing their own lights, sound equipment and other electrical appliances.

While we often supply generators for events, you don’t need to have an upcoming event to hire a generator from us. We offer generator hire for other purposes, such as disaster relief, power supply to temporary accommodation units, temporary power supply to permanent buildings or power supply to construction sites. Whatever your power supply need, we can supply generators to cover it.

Generator Hire Process and Applications

Our process for hiring out generators is as follows:

  • You approach us with your needs
  • We assess your needs and offer advice based on how much power supply you’ll require
  • Our team plans the layout for generator placement at your event premises
  • Generator installation prior to the event is performed by us

Our generators can be used to supply power for an endless amount of uses including:

  • Small or large events
  • Camping and outdoor adventure events
  • Natural disaster relief
  • Emergency or backup power supply
  • Data center generators
  • Construction sites
  • Film and TV productions

For disaster relief and other situations requiring emergency power supply, our quick deployment will ensure that electricity needs are met on a timely schedule. Our generators are designed to be highly portable and can be deployed for emergency use in any of the 50 states at a moment’s notice.

Installation and Maintenance

Logistics Events Corp is a fully certified contractor and notary. This enables us to do all the installation work required for your event. We’ll also offer ongoing support and maintenance services for generators hired from us. If you’re in need of a generator, we encourage you to contact us for a free quote.