April 12, 2019
April 15, 2019


As most events are planned well ahead of time, accurate weather predictions aren’t usually available. Don’t let weather stand between you and your perfect event. Our temporary HVAC/AC solutions can create comfortable temperature experiences even in icy cold or boiling hot weather conditions.

Air Quality and Climate Control

Air quality and climate control are both necessary to create comfortable interior spaces for events. Even in cases where weather conditions are favorable, air quality and temperatures inside fully enclosed buildings might need to be regulated.

HVAC/AC equipment is no longer just a luxury, but an absolute necessity in many instances. The use of HVAC allows our architects to design large buildings that are expected to host thousands of persons at a time, even in cases where high temperatures could make an event otherwise impossible.

Controlling indoor pollutants and improving air quality should be part of the planning for many events. Car shows (where vehicles are expected to run or drive indoors) are just one example of the many events that will require ventilation to keep indoor pollutants low. Ventilation is also necessary for events where a building is expected to host a large crowd in a relatively small space.

For many events, keeping a reasonable indoor temperature and air quality is all that’s required. However, some events can have very specific temperature requirements, such as sporting and technology related events. Our experienced team are fully capable of designing and implementing HVAC systems for any event, regardless of specific HVAC requirements.

Complete Integration

Whenever we’re approached with a new project for designing and manufacturing temporary event structures, we consider more than just the aesthetic design of the building. With 30 years’ experience in the events industry and working with a multitude of event organizers, we know that ventilation, heating and cooling systems are a vital component to include in many structural designs.

HVAC systems are incorporated into building designs in a way that makes them minimally intrusive. If possible, we place all exterior HVAC equipment in areas of the event space where little to no foot traffic is expected.

From the very beginning of planning your event structure, our team of engineers will work with you in developing HVAC/AC layouts to regulate the interior temperatures of your event. We’ll discuss HVAC requirements for your event and plan HVAC systems based on temperature averages in your area and the size of your event buildings.

Full HVAC/AC Servicing Capacity

Our capacity to supply HVAC equipment spans from small events, to large scale events with multiple buildings. We supply HVAC systems with our temporary structures in all instances where applicable, including disaster relief and emergency structures. We’ll consider all your HVAC needs, so you don’t have to.All equipment relevant to our temporary structures is installed by us, including HVAC systems. Our team will ensure that all HVAC systems are installed into buildings and connected to a power supply. We also offer ongoing maintenance and repair services on all equipment hired from us, including climate control equipment.