April 15, 2019
Event Accesories
April 15, 2019


Logistic Events Corp pool covers can turn any pool into usable event space with full flooring that can be used for multiple applications. Our pool covers can support dining, dancing, seating areas and more.

Suitable for All Pools

The ability to cover pools can be used for all events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small backyard gathering such as weddings or personal celebrations or large commercial events hosted at a hotel venue. Our pool covers are designed to be adaptable so that even large swimming pools can successfully be transformed to flooring. With careful planning and unique engineering, even Olympic sized pools can be covered successfully.

Various flooring options are available for pool covers, such as clear flooring, frosted clear flooring, faux wood, carpeted flooring, black, white or teak vinyl. Or trussing pool cover systems are expandable and can adjust to any size to fit pools of various sizes regardless of depth, surface area or pool shape. Elevated wooden patios alongside pools can be also be accommodated in pool cover designs, as pool covers can be matched to the same level as patios, allowing for a seamless flow from pool covers into patios.

Pool Cover Design

Pool cover decks are installed by attaching the flooring of our clients’ choice to support beams that run to the bottom of the pool. Non-slip surface mats are placed at the bottom of the pool to fix the support beam in place, preventing the floor surface from feeling as if it’s floating on the water. This method creates a walking surface as reliable and just as usable as any other flooring area within your event.

Partial pool covers can also be fitted to allow for a partially floored pool with an area of open water to enhance the atmosphere and create a decorative effect. This can allow for walkways over pools with exposed water on either side, or even walkways leading to an island space within the pool that can be used as a seating area.

Clear or frosted pool covers offer a particularly unique and elegant addition to the design of your event space. This is because the see-though nature of these covers still allows the pool to be visible. During evening events, when pool lights are turned on, this creates a floor with a light blue glow, combined with all your other lighting elements, this creates an incredibly exquisite appearance.

For events where organizers are looking to entirely conceal pools, our vinyl, acrylic, mahogany or high-gloss flooring offers a variety of choices to blend with existing surfaces. Our design team will take measures to blend the pool cover discreetly so guests won’t even be able to distinguish between where the pool cover meets with surrounding surface area.

Affordable Pool Covers by Logistic Events Corp

Logistic Events Corp pool covers are affordable options to maximize your event space. Other options to maximize floor space include the use of engineered flooring or building designs with a second floor, however, none are as easily implemented as pool covers.

No space? No problem! Our team are ready to take on spacing challenges by offering unique structure solutions. Contact us to learn more regarding our pool covers, temporary structures and other event solutions.