In the earliest stages of event planning, event spaces only exist as ideas within the minds of our clients. These event concepts are what make every event a truly remarkable experience. We are passionate about taking your unique concepts and creating structures that make these events possible.

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Logistic Events Corp offer a range of rental structures varying from tents and buildings to flooring solutions, staging and more. We offer unique design options such as double decker tents, indoor and outdoor staging and multi-purpose scaffolding solutions.

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We aim to offer clients flexibility when making use of our services. That’s why we offer as many options as possible for clients to acquire our structures. Tent structures can be purchased from us in multiple ways, as we offer various acquisition options. Contact us to learn more about our acquisition options and to discuss your needs.

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Making your vision a reality is about more than designing your dream structure. Logistic Events Corp has full capability to manufacture all our designs in-house, ensuring the end product reflects the initial design with absolute precision. Throughout every step of the process, we focus on quality and reliability and fast delivery.

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Our service delivery goes beyond the purchase or lease agreement with our clients. Logistic Events Corp also offers post-sales support, such structural maintenance, dissembling of structures, component storage, fabric cleaning and re-installations. When clients make use of our services, our main goal is to assist with all temporary structure and modular building needs from the very start of event planning till after the event.

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labor pool

Installation is a specialized task, requiring skilled workers. To enable us to perform installations, Logistic Events Corp is a certified contractor and notary. For out-of-state events, we also facilitate in obtaining the necessary event permits from municipalities. By contracting a local engineer in the state where the event will be hosted to produce stamped calculations, we’re able to handle the legal requirements of installing your event structures.

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Functional & appealing MODULAR BUILDINGS