In the earliest stages of event planning, event spaces only exist as ideas within the minds of our clients. These event concepts are what make every event a truly remarkable experience. We are passionate about taking your unique concepts and creating structures that make these events possible.

All our design projects are focused around working with clients to make their concepts a reality. That’s why we have a specialized team of engineers, architects and designers dedicated to creating designs that will make every event we’re involved in unforgettable.

Our design services can also be implemented for the creation of temporary and semi-permanent structures for hospitality, commercial and industry-specific uses. We can custom design a variety structures for use in events or other applications.

The following custom designed structures are within our scope of production:

  • Modular buildings
  • Event tents
  • Double decker building designs
  • Unique flooring solutions
  • Stages, pedestals and elevated entertainment areas
  • Scaffolding
  • Pool covers

Our attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your event structure can be modified to fit your decor elements regardless of your industry or event theme.

We provide rentals of power generators and climate control systems for all our buildings, allowing us to incorporate these facilities in our design from an early stage of event planning whenever necessary.

Our use of 3D-CAD renderings enables our clients see their event come to life long before the structure is built, facilitating design improvements and event planning. Seeing the event space in 3D can help clients identify areas of the design that need modification to better serve the purpose of the event.

Logistic Events Corp is committed to design services that improve client experience and facilitate every aspect of the event planning process.