Labor Pool

Every aspect of your event can be handled by our qualified, skilled and experienced staff. From the very first concepts of your event, through to final outcome, we’re here to supply solutions that will make planning and organization as easy as possible.

Dedicated installation engineers and staff are responsible for installing all structures according to strict safety guidelines. All components are transported by us to your event site and structures are installed in the exact space allocated on the design layout.

Installation is a specialized task, requiring skilled workers. To enable us to perform installations, Logistic Events Corp is a certified contractor and notary. For out-of-state events, we also facilitate in obtaining the necessary event permits from municipalities. By contracting a local engineer in the state where the event will be hosted to produce stamped calculations, we’re able to handle the legal requirements of installing your event structures.

Having trained people for your event doesn’t stop with the installation of structures. Most events also require crew members to attend to visitors and ensure that all event proceedings run smoothly. Logistic Events Corp has a labor pool of trained people from which event organizers can hire employees to service events.

We provide rentals of power generators and climate control systems for all our buildings, allowing us to incorporate these facilities in our design from an early stage of event planning whenever necessary.

Event crew members can assist in all logistical areas of the event, from setting up the event space, to ticket sales, ushering attendees, serving comestibles and maintaining event safety. Once the event is complete, crew members can assist in packing up equipment and inspecting equipment for damage.

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