Our service delivery goes beyond the purchase or lease agreement with our clients. Logistic Events Corp also offers post-sales support, such structural maintenance, dissembling of structures, component storage, fabric cleaning and re-installations. When clients make use of our services, our main goal is to assist with all temporary structure and modular building needs from the very start of event planning till after the event.

Maintenance is what keeps your structure safe and aesthetically fit for use. The Logistic Events Corp maintenance team works to ensure that all aspects of your structural maintenance is taken care of.

Cleaning our large structures isn’t a task which most of our clients are able to take on. Keep your structures looking bright and new with our fabric cleaning services. We’re equipped to effectively clean anything from a small tent to the covers of a large clear span building. Material like flooring, frames and other parts of your structure can also be cleaned by us.

Frame work maintenance is an important part of keeping the safety of your building up to standard. Replacing, repairing and inspecting different parts of your building frame can all be handled by our team of engineers and architects. In the event of a structural tear in the tent cover, we’re also able to patch damage.

Your modular building looks great when it’s standing but when you take it down, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’ll dissemble your building into its separate components for you. If necessary, we can offer a component storage service to ensure your structures are kept safe even while you’re not using them.