Making your vision a reality is about more than designing your dream structure. Logistic Events Corp has full capability to manufacture all our designs in-house, ensuring the end product reflects the initial design with absolute precision. Throughout every step of the process, we focus on quality and reliability and fast delivery.

Our use of advanced CNC technology in the manufacturing process improves production times and output capacity, while also enabling us to create faultless, high quality components for each modular structure.

We possess high quality industrial sewing machines and employ skilled seamstress and seamstresses for faultless stitching work on tent canvas, clear vinyl and other soft materials. Our experienced welders are some of the best available and will handle all welding jobs during manufacture with the utmost precision – producing an immaculate result.

All materials used during the manufacture process are carefully sourced by us to offer you only the highest quality structures. We know that a good product starts with the fundamentals, which is we won’t settle for anything less than the absolute best.

Our manufacture team understands all the intricacies of how each part of a structure come together, helping us to create portable buildings with a fluid appearance. Every aspect of a Logistic Events Corp building looks intentional, functional and flows into all other components.

To many, the manufacture process might not seem as exciting and full of possibilities, but we understand the importance of proper manufacture procedures and quality control to create your vision. Contact us to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.