Our rental structures can be specially designed or created to fit the needs of our clients. We offer a broad range both temporary and semi-permanent rental structures that can be adapted for every individual event. Structure design can be adjusted on many levels, such as size, color and materials used.

However, we know not all clients require custom design adjustments, which is we also offer a choice of standard structure options for renting. These standard structures are ideal for cases where quick deployment and installation is a priority.

Logistic Events Corp offer a range of rental structures varying from tents and buildings to flooring solutions, staging and more. We offer unique design options such as double decker tents, indoor and outdoor staging and multi-purpose scaffolding solutions.

Tents can be fitted with power generators and climate control facilities, completing the structural necessities of our buildings and allowing our customers to focus on event decor, lighting and other production elements while we take care of structures. All our structures are fully portable and can be transported and installed at any venue space of your choice. This makes our rental structures versatile for use in a broad range of settings.

We are dedicated to offering top-of-the-line rental services that create a space that embodies everything our clients envisioned their event space to be. We examine all practical requirements of each client to create spaces that utilize available areas in a way that allows for efficient movement of foot traffic, practical spatial layouts and overall efficacy of event proceedings.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a commercial scale event, we encourage you to reach out to us and obtain a free quote as we believe our pricing is highly competitive. We offer excellent service and bring our expertise to the table when discussing all your structural needs.