Tent Sales

We aim to offer clients flexibility when making use of our services. That’s why we offer as many options as possible for clients to acquire our structures. Tent structures can be purchased from us in multiple ways, as we offer various acquisition options. Contact us to learn more about our acquisition options and to discuss your needs.

One of our acquisition options is the ability for customers to purchase leased structures from us. This allows customers to use our products on a lease agreement in order to gauge whether it will suffice for their needs before committing to purchase.

If required, we’re able to combine new and used components within the same structure, as all our components are modular and fully interchangeable. This allows customers who are leasing structures to add new elements into a leased structure before it’s purchased.

Customers with recurring annual events are also often interested in purchasing previously leased equipment. We are willing to discuss this option.

However, we don’t require customers to lease structures from us before purchase. Brand new, custom made structures can be designed and manufactured for purchase. Standard structures can also be specially made for purchase.

Seeing as we also design, manufacture and install permanent modular buildings, we offer customers the option to buy permanent modular buildings from us.

We aim to supply our customers with modular buildings and tents on a fast and reliable basis, while also offering competitive prices on our product offerings. We believe this is what makes us stand out a supplier within our industry.