April 15, 2019
April 15, 2019


Steal the show at your event with custom designed or standard stages from Logistic Events Corp! Our staging solutions are suitable for any purpose. Talk to us about stage rental for your next event.

Our ability to custom design temporary structures allows our clients full flexibility to obtain a stage perfectly suited to their needs. We offer the following staging options:

  • Low pedestals
  • Runways for fashion and beauty events
  • Large roofed stages for outdoor use

Our stages can be modified to specifications provided by our clients. Both large or small stages can be adapted for use either indoors or outdoors. We’re able to accommodate different shapes, sizes and design features. Stage shapes can be modified to be either round or rectangular.

Staging Layout Elements and Design

The use of elements such as staircases, pedestals and roofs when designing a stage will depend greatly on an individual client’s needs. While the idea of a stage seems simple, the wide use of stages for different events opens up a plethora of stage layouts adapted to each event. For example, staircases are an important feature in stages and preferred placement can differ depending on what purpose a stage will serve within an event.

For fashion shows, concerts and entertainment events, clients most often prefer to place staircases at the back of the stage so only performers have easy access to the stage area. In contrast, corporate events, award ceremonies and seminars often have stages with stairs that allow individuals from the audience area to walk onto the stage when called for.

A simple design choice such as the placement of stairs can make all the difference depending on the nature of an event. That’s why we offer our clients full control to choose what layout is best for them. Stage layout elements such as elevated areas on the stage and roofs can be included into a stage design to accommodate preferences communicated to us by our clients.

For clients who will use a display screen behind the stage, the size of the stage can be adjusted to fit the screen and stage area together in a way that will best serve the event. While we don’t currently offer display screen rentals, clients can provide us with their screen measurements and layout ideas, enabling us to accommodate our stage design accordingly.

Outdoor Roofed Stages

We can provide stages and power generators for both small or large outdoor concerts. Outdoor stages can be adjusted in various ways. For example, outdoor stages are often designed to have a box shape, enclosing the stage area on all sides except the front. This is useful for large events, where enclosing the stage can help sound to travel further into the audience. However, not all outdoor stages need to be enclosed. Other common designs for outdoor stages include stages that are only closed at the top or at the back and top, but not on the sides.

We allow clients full choice of design in terms of enclosing outdoor stages. Even the shape of the stage enclosure can be modified to be either a box or a dome shape