Clear Span Structures
April 12, 2019

Temporary & Permanent

With 30 years’ experience in producing modular buildings, we pride ourselves in creating custom made structures for any purpose. Diversity in tenting and flooring textiles ensures that our clients never have to settle for anything less than what they envisioned their buildings to be.

Arcum Structures

Arcum structures can be modified according to specific requirements. The option to use glass walls, hard walls and glass doors attributes an elegant finish to these structures, making them an excellent choice for a sophisticated event environment.

Able to support both one- and two-story designs, Arcum structures are a good choice when event organizers want to maximize floor space, even when confined to a small land area.

Design enhancements such as staircases and balconies serve to make these structures incredibly distinctive.

Clear Span Structures

Clear span structures offer a traditional yet inviting event space that’s suitable to an extensive range of applications. The interior space of these structures can easily be modified to flatter the atmosphere of any event.

The use of appropriate flooring can create a formal, sporty or corporate ambiance. For highly informal applications, clear span structures can also be used without any flooring whatsoever. Will and ceiling drapings can be used to create a soft, elegant finish.

Easily implemented design choices for clear span structures further enhances the adaptability of these structures. Both white canvas and clear vinyl panels can be used for constructing clear span structures – allowing full customization options with regards to letting outside light in. Size is also easily adjusted to accommodate personal preferences and requirements. All our clear span structures can be used with HVAC and air-conditioning equipment, which is also supplied by us at an affordable price.

Clear Vinyl Tent Structures

Clear Vinyl tenting offers the elegance and beauty of glass, but also provides the additional benefit of being financially accessible and easily installed for an event. Logistic Events Corp maintains a high standard of clear vinyl tenting solutions. Our materials are carefully sourced from reputable manufacturers. Once acquired by us, the clear vinyl material is meticulously cared for to preserve its flawless appearance. If you’re in need of superior clear tent structures at an affordable price, be sure to consider our all-inclusive structural services.

Double Decker Tent Structures

Double decker tent structures are ideal for several event applications. Having two floors can be useful to accommodate practical or preferential requirements and can add a distinct character to your event. Limited availability of space to install buildings is often a concern when planning events. In such instances, double decker tents are used to add extra floorspace to avoid a cramped environment.

Another practical application of double decker structures is to separate different floor areas within the same event. For instance, in a formal event setting that requires both a dining area and a dance floor, the bottom floor can be used as a dining space while the top floor is used as a dance floor, entertainment area and bar.

Double decker structures can also be applied for enhancing a view over an event area or visually attractive landscape. This is especially applicable for sporting and entertainment events, where double decker structures can provide tier seating arrangements for spectators. The option of removing the second floor of a double decker tent creates a structure with a high ceiling, which is ideal for many events.

Frame and Pole Tents

Tents are no longer simple structures. Our range is of tents are convenient architectural masterpieces with a large variety of design choices.

Frame tents can be installed on many different surfaces, such as grass, asphalt and concrete. They offer large, open, unobstructed floorspace, making them easy to decorate and furnish according to specific needs. This versatility makes them a popular choice for a wide variety of events, such as weddings, corporate parties and trade shows.

Pole tents are different in design to frame tents in that poles are pitched throughout the tent to support the ceiling structure. This creates eaves, which are architecturally enticing to see from the outside of the structure. Inside the structure, these poles serve as an effortless addition to the overall interior design, seeing as lighting reflects beautifully off the unique contours, creating an exquisite ambience. Pole tents are ideal for small to medium scale events.